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05-Feb-2017 10:36

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The Star wrote about whether this should be taken as a sign.Not long after that story posted, Benberry tweeted this: Sounds like things are going well.However, she did not delete the tweets she posted about how her feelings for Kelce are real.In an interview in mid-November with The Paducah Sun (her home state is Kentucky), she said she and Kelce have been dating since the show’s filming ended in April.

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She basically lives off the generosity of Jay-Z and a couple of other guys.She peaked at A-.” It’s unclear when the affair could have started, but Jay Z and Mya collaborated on a 2000 song, “The Best of Me.” The Jay Z cheating rumor comes just days after other sources indicated that the rapper was having an affair with Casey Cohen, star of the Bravo show .