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10-Oct-2016 21:39

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the listview raised event itemupdating which wasnt handled

You need to do this because the default value on the form is blank for this drop-down and the field isn’t required, so blank is a valid value.

If it’s set and not blank, though, then it needs to be set to a valid value.

I managed to validate them server side, but my form is in modal window and is submitted without AJAX (thus the modal window is closed), so primary I need client side validation.

My code in form component currently looks similar to this: , which is very strange, because ONE_CHECKED constant value was output as string ‘Checkbox Rules::validate One Checked’, so the file should be included correctly.

By Steve Suehring, Janet Valade Validating web form data from drop-downs (or select/option elements), radio buttons, or check boxes should be done in the PHP.

Even though it may appear that the users have to pick from one of the options, they may (maliciously or otherwise) not have that filled out correctly. The following code sets up an array of the valid states (from the drop-down in One item of note here is that you not only need to check to see if the state is set, but also need to see that it isn’t blank.

When you create a form, each field initially displays the value of the corresponding property of the form's domain data (e.g. If you want to override this initial value for the form or an individual field, you can set it in the data option: overrides the value taken from the domain data (object) when rendering.

This means the object value is also overriden when the form edits an already persisted object, causing it to lose it's persisted value when the form is submitted.

I would like to validate array of checkboxes in container, so at least one have to be checked, both client and server side.If you know php then should i insert the php code here for you to see whats wrong.plz reply vineet I have some limited PHP knowledge. I did say that I changed the names of the color inputs. This should always be used for a field that has a boolean value: if the box is checked, the field will be set to true, if the box is unchecked, the value will be set to false.

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default: Defaults to field of the underlying structure.plz help me with what to change or add in this script.

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