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24-Feb-2016 18:46

This is great information for people who need to learn about delegates, invoking them and working with the UI thread in windows forms.

However, it's NOT the simplest way to update the UI thread from a background thread anymore.

The performance of the IDE was fine until I implemented the TFS source control from the local server. I have yet to compile anything, so I cannot say whether build is slower or not.

But, the text editor responds very slowly to all mouse and keyboard input and is significantly impacting workflow. I have been researching this for hours every time I use VS 2013.

In Subversion (often abbreviated SVN), code is stored in a repository, which is located somewhere on the network. Usually, before you make a checkin, it's a good idea to check to make sure nobody else committed changes while you weren't looking.

I recently connected my project to Source Anywhere Hosted, and was successful using source code integration successfully until I shut down Visual Studio.

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The html in the aspx source is updated correctly and changes appear correctly. Save the aspx file and close it (or leave open and continue working). I edit the menu again to add more items (or any other action that affects the menu design) in Design view and save.In this course we will make available a Subversion repository for your use.