Updating pivot tables in excel 2016

21-May-2016 12:39

However, one draw-back can be that you can only refresh the Pivot Tables automatically by setting it refresh on open via the Pivot Table Options.

Free Excel Help Refresh Pivot Tables Those of you that use Pivot Tables will be well aware of their power.

If the location of your external data source changed—for example, your SQL Server database name is the same, but it's been moved to a different server, or your Access database has been moved to another network share—you can change your current connection.

If your new location is not listed, click Browse for More, and then look for the data source you want to connect to in the Select Data Source dialog box.

For example, you may want to change the number format to Currency.

However, be aware that some types of formatting may disappear when you modify the Pivot Table.

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You can also apply any type of number formatting you want. Tip: change your data set to a table before you insert a pivot table.