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It all started when I followed this man who I considered to be my lord and let him take away my innocence and replace the same with slutiness.

A slut is basically a person who can have sex with anyone Then he brought his giant knob to the door of my anus and pushed it in I let out a cry "aaah ramnikji aaaah sirf chhhhut meiiin daaaaliye naaa aaah" he barked "saali itni tight gandh maarney kabhi kabhi toh milti hai hehehe" he thrusted it fully into my shithole The moment he touched my pussy, I felt an electric surge inside me. My age,family,society,personal choice,nothing mattered anymore. I just want to get fucked by this ugly old man in his wreck of his house.

Tour companies even market package deals as sex holidays for single and unaccompanied women.

Forget Shirley Valentine, these women - who range from grandmothers to teens - don't want a long-term relationship. Take Jamaica, where 17 per cent of the population lives below the poverty line.

Fast-forward 30 years, and the reality of sex tourism is anything but tender.

Today beach resorts in developing countries such as Kuta in Bali, Negril in Jamaica and Boca Chica and Sosua in the Dominican Republic have become Third World pick-up spots for women tourists.

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if you are creative, and perhaps even a little rough, please contact me. No wonder Western women see a Third World holiday as the gateway to casual sex - sometimes in exchange for cash.