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10-Apr-2016 01:54

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Lola Montes Schnabel graduated with a BFA from the Cooper Union in 2008.

A face rendered (almost) unrecognizable with that distracting droop of a Wild West mustache, the familiar starburst cleft in his chin forested over by a neat beard.

In his black skullcap and flannel shirt, jeans and dirt-caked Tasmanian sheep-station boots, Mortensen, 49, has the sullen affect of a man who's just found a ticket on his windshield.

I love the work of all the artists I’ve had in my shows.

It’s no secret where the 30-year-old Cooper Union graduate gets her artistic talent. Tisch School of the Arts, right, with fashion photographer Patrick Andersson. We appreciate your comments and ask that you keep to the subject at hand, refrain from use of profanity and maintain a respectful tone to both the subject at hand and other readers who also post here.

Her father is Julian Schnabel, the painter and filmmaker — not to mention the developer of the whimsical, Pompei red-colored Palazzo Chupi on W. Clockwise from top left, Lola Schnabel with Jonas Mekas, founder and head of the Anthology Film Archives in the East Village; Lila Jean, leading lady of the New York City club and party scene; Julian Schnabel; Amos Poe, filmmaker and professor at N. Others among the opening-night crowd at Hole included, fittingly, Hole rocker Courtney Love and author Salman Rushdie.

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Now for the past two years, Peter has been primarily curating painting exhibitions. My definition as a curator is to combine art, atmosphere and personalities. The rooms energy was rocking with beautiful paintings, old friends, new friends, family, babies, and dogs. It was a secret venue that no one had used for anything aside from building furniture.

He has recently curated his 3rd exhibition, 'An Instance of Vibration' in the basement of the Bowery Hotel (which was attended by cool kids like Johnny Knoxville, Waris Ahluwalia, and Lola Schnabel, who was actually in the show). It was just a fantastic feeling to have all of these forces come together and create happiness. It’s a collaboration of energies, artwork, people, atmosphere, and a cool subterranean gallery brought together to create a vibe. Well, after a year and a half of pining, thanks to Eric Goode, Sean Macpherson, and Richard Born, who understand and appreciate art and new ventures, I was able to see my dream become reality. Also a big shout out to the Bowery crew, Mike G, Oscar S for making this place look amazing! 'An Instance of Vibration' has been extended for another two weeks!

She grew up experimenting with painting and film, as well as publishing a book with Artforum at the age of seven with her father.

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