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While this radical lifestyle choice has an obvious allure – ranging from weight loss and ethical reasons involving animal welfare, and the subsequent refusal to eat or wear animal products (leather, suede, fur, wool, silk, feathers) there are many reasons to go green.Not only does this animal-free diet lower your BMI, reduce cholesterol and eliminate unwanted blubber – a meat and dairy-free menu can also fend off chronic disease.Against Me frontwoman Laura Jane Grace’s past three years have been as rocky as they are inspiring.In 2012, the 34-year-old punk-rocker came out to the world as transgender and began taking hormone treatments.Laura Whitmore is just one celebrity who took her commitment to vegetarianism to new lengths this year when she absolved to eat no animal products when she embarked on a month-long vegan diet in support of the animal rights organisation Peta.The 27-year-old Bray-born presenter is not the only A-lister to have caught the vegan bug, with unlikely stars including Mike Tyson and Woody Harrelson also joining the fray.With the largest network of local wedding vendors, Wedding Wire offers the most comprehensive wedding site out there.

In what appeared to be a big move towards establishing peaceful human/Synth relations, Niska entrusted the flash drive to Laura (Katherine Parkinson) – but Mattie (Lucy Carless) subsequently discovered that her spare flash drive was missing and Niska was later seen boarding a train, carrying said drive. Did Niska leave Laura with a copy of the code, while also making a copy for herself?

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