Dating social engine template

26-Feb-2016 16:51

Choose this template to start or redesign a dating site with ever increasing popularity.

is object-oriented and uses the MVC pattern (Model-View-Controller).

We only list products under active development that have had releases within the past year.

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The following is a list of Social Network Platforms / Social Network Software is maintained regularly.To help un-blur the lines between the two groups, we have compiled 8 of the very best social networking CMS which allow you to build a well structured, professional social networking website.As a bonus, we've also got a new post we published called "How to Create a Social Network" that gives you full step by step instructions on the process.A lot of whitespace and legible typography present blocks with information, and intuitive navigation guides the users throughout the site seamlessly.

Polygonal pattern implemented into the background subdivides parts of the content and complements to a trendy look of the theme.This is in contrast to the standard website structure, where only a set few managerial or administrative members control core content.