Cant remove old updating log file

24-Nov-2016 21:27

On the General page, verify that the content listed is the content that you want to distribute, choose whether you want Configuration Manager to detect content dependencies that are associated with the selected content and add the dependencies to the distribution, and then click Next.

You have the option to configure the Detect associated content dependencies and add them to this distribution setting only for the application content type.

Most of the cases where you will be using same user for Word Press install and run as well as FTP access.

If you are using different users for both above purpose then providing ownership to FTP user will fix this issues just like that.

cant remove old updating log file-21

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Alternatively we can try to guess what the most plausible cause can be: If you installed your plugins manually on the server and not via the Word Press administration console it is likely you did it as a different user then the one who is executing Word Press' PHP code and thus requires proper access to perform such OS operations. and you will have to provided or make FTP user as owner of the plugins folder.

You can redistribute a package in package properties, distribution point properties, or distribution point group properties.