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According to sources, Myolie Wu found So Man Fung to set up a front.

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At that time, Ruco’s fans had reacted negatively to the news, showing their displeasure at the fact that the couple were dating.Because of this, Bosco was being chased out of their love nest, and moved to a new home (晉明峰) in Fo Tan.After continual days of tracking by our magazine, we discovered that not only did Myolie Wu not break up with Bosco, she even secretly moved closer towards her boyfriend's new home.Legal Mavericks(踩過界) is a TVB modern-day legal/crime/thriller drama series produced by Lam Chi Wah(林志華) starring Vincent Wong(王浩信), Sisley Choi(蔡思貝), Owen Cheung(張振朗), Ali Lee(李佳芯), along with Pal Sinn(單立文), Tracy Chu(朱千雪), Gilbert Lam(林韋辰), and Toby Chan(陳庭欣).

Actresses Leanne Li, Grace Wong and Eliza Sam reportedly flew to the Canadian city today to prepare for their role as Linda’s bridesmaids. Linda Chung’s husband, Jeremy earns HKD 6 Million per year “I am married! ” Thank you for the concern from the media but people who know me will understand I am a low-key person in handling my family and relationship matters.Congrats to Bosco for getting the top 10 Next Magazine TV Award. ^__^sorry I am late, but I am starting to follow bosco again. I kind of find the Monk the least attracting one because it looks so werid, like a dark tale, and I am usually more into lighter yet meaningful series.