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11-Mar-2016 21:10

A new production of Alan Bennett’s hit comedy is in his hometown of Leeds next April as part of a UK Tour.

Olivier Award-nominated Rachel Kavanaugh will direct Nicholas Farrell (as Guy Burgess), Belinda Lang (Coral Browne and Her Majesty the Queen) and David Robb (Anthony Blunt) in award-winning masterpiece, Single Spies.

His wife, Lily, a Jew from the East End, lives with you, as does your young and melodramatic daughter.

You slept with the last German commander but, even as you bring the new one home, giving him a drink or three, you recoil. Then, nightmare, you realise he can speak English and he’s understood it.

She returned in 2008 with her daughter Holly, Lydia Waters, but will now take another break from the show to have her twins.

11 July 2012 Malcolm Sinclair has been re-elected as President of Equity in a ballot of union members.

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★★★★☆ It’s 1943 and you’re a good-looking widow named Jeanne who lives in Guernsey, selling black-market booze, with a son in the RAF.He polled 1,819 votes against 1,503 for Jean Rogers and 603 for Dave Eager.