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28-Sep-2016 11:21

My intention was to see if it addressed the many mistakes my friends and I made, and to see it it was good enough to give to younger friends and family members.

Having never received "the talk," I feel this short, easy-to-read book provides far more information in a clear, concise, no-nonsense format than any ten minute talk my father could have given me.

Technology represents the new, the unknown, which makes it the chewiest of film fodder. "When you have a romantic comedy," she says, "part of the story's central tension is whatever's preventing your characters from getting a happy ending. But when you have them use technology to actively seek out another person, you lower that tension — which is where the comedy comes from." Christine Vachon, whose company, Killer Films, produced movies like "Carol" and "Still Alice," thinks it comes down to the onscreen visuals. "Watching two people meet in a visually clever way is a lot more interesting than people swiping right or left," she says. "I think you can [make movies about online dating], I just don't think we have yet," she says.

In spy movies like the "Bourne" series, the specter of 24-hour digital surveillance evokes our feelings of paranoia and dread. I just think that there's some sort of visual language that we haven't quite cracked yet." But even if some future screenwriter figures out how to crack that language, that's only the first step.

Like all online communities there are people who seek to take advantage of other users through scamming, or not being who they really claim to be and we urge all users to exercise caution.

For years now, genre movies have eagerly played into our collective unease with the tech that surrounds us. "I think you can make anything cinematically compelling.I really liked Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side in the beginning.

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